Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Changsha University of Science & Technology & Study in csust

Requirements and Procedures of Enrollment

I. Requirement of Enrollment

Those in good health, ready to abide by Chinese laws, decrees and the university regulations, and those who willing to respect Chinese customs and habits can apply based on their own needs.

Types of Students

Entrance Requirements

Professional student

Senior high graduate with good records

Undergraduate student

Senior high graduate with good records

Graduate student

Equal to a Chinese BA or BS. Graduate from our University or a Chinese college with good record &

recommended by 2 professors or 2 associate professors

PhD candidate

Equal to a Chinese MA or MS, recommended by 2 professors

Student for advanced studies

College freshman or above

Senior student for advanced studies

Equal to a Chinese MA or MS, or qualified for Ph.D studies. studying on a special project under the tutor

Visiting scholar

Associate professor or above, or equal to a Ph.D, intending to do research in a special field

Short-term student

Senior high or above

Language student

Senior high or above

II. Entry Dates and Registration Procedures

A. The academic year consists of two long-term semesters in spring and autumn and one short-term semester in summer. Long-term semesters focus on class teaching and study, short-term semesters focus on practice.

Long-term semester in autumn starts in early September and ends in January of the following year.

Long-term semester in spring starts in late February and ends in early July.

Short-term semester follows closely the Long-term semester in spring. It is generally 3-6 weeks long.

The arrangement of semesters is subject to minor variations.

B. Applicants for professional, undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. specialties should start the application process three months before the semester commences; applicants for professional and undergraduate specialties should enter the university at the beginning of the long-term semester in autumn; Applicants for graduate and PhD. Specialties can enter the university at the beginning of one of the long-term semesters. However special cases are not confined by this deadline. Other types of students and visiting scholars can apply, enter, and visit the university at any time.

C. Please take the following documents to International Exchange Division of CUST for registration as soon as get to CUST:

1. Student (X) Visa to China

2. CUST Administration Notice

3. JW202 Form (original)

4. Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (original)

5. Blood Test Report for HIV and Syphilis (original)

6. Eight copies of personal photo (one inch)

D. Within one month after arrival, the student should go to the Changsha Sanitation & Anti-epidemic Bureau for a health checkup. After the student has received the Qualification Certificate, they must go to the Changsha Municipal Pubic Security Bureau for the Residence Permit for Foreigners.

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